Trust Management | Top 10 Tracks – 2017
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Top 10 Tracks – 2017

Top 10 Tracks – 2017

Here’s my annual Top 10 tracks for the year. For me 2017 has been one of the best years for new music over the past 10 years and this year I had a total of 29 tracks in contention. 

10. Rob Crow’s Gloomy Place ‘This Distance’ (Temporary Residence Ltd)

This spot has been a real dilemma to choose. Up until the last minute it was going to be Mark Lanegan ‘Blue Blue Sea’ but this track had a late surge and it had to be included. Arguably, it could even be higher. Introduced to me, like most of the tracks in this chart, by Marc Riley’s on BBC Radio 6 Music it’s just grown on me over the course of the last 6 months. It has simple parts and then some sheer beautiful parts throughout. 2017 had been one of my favourite years for new music and this is a great song to start to justify that claim.

9. Bas Jan ‘No Sign’ (Bas Jan)

I fell in love with this track upon hearing it for the first time and it’s never lost its appeal. Serafina has released some notable other tracks this year but this is the one that stands out by far. Suitably apt bizarre video to go with it too.

8. Wesley Gonzalez ‘I Am A Telescope’ (Moshi Moshi Records)

The competition for the choice of track here was between this and ‘In Amsterdam’ which is just as catchy. ‘Weird Pop’ that gets under your skin and taken from the ‘Excellent Musician‘ album released on Moshi Moshi Records. The next album is almost ready to go for 2018 and apparently is called ‘Shit Musician’

7. Cory Hanson ‘Garden of Delight’ (Drag City)

The singer from Wand released a solo album entitled ‘The Unborn Capitalist From Limbo’ on Drag City Records in 2016 and this track was lifted from it this year. A simple and beautiful track that should never be forgotten. Reminds me a little of ‘Across The Universe’ by some scouse band!

6. Run The Jewels ‘Down (Feat. Joi)’ (Run The Jewels, Inc)

The ‘RTJ3’ album was dropped as a Christmas Day treat in 2016 and I’ve played the album non-stop since then. Not a huge fan of the first two albums but their music and political stance has really appealed to me this year. ‘Down’ is the opening track and competes with ‘Talk To Me’ and ‘2100’ and ‘Thursday In The Danger Room’ as the outstanding track from the album and just edges it. The band are consistently dropping new tracks and videos and their ‘ARTJ’ app was groundbreaking in their field. 

5. Oh Sees ‘The Static God’ (Castle Face Records)

Taken from their wondrous ‘Orc’ record, one of the albums of the year, and released on Castle Face Records. Competing against the likes of ‘Animated Violence’ and ‘Jettisoned’ from the album ‘The Static God’ stands out as the track that simply gets everything going. A name change (Thee Oh Sees), a rapid album follow up (OCS ‘Memory of a Cut Off Head’) and a side project (Damaged Bug ‘Bunker Funk’) ensured that John Dwyer had an extremely busy 2017. 

4. Mush ‘Alternative Facts’ (Too Pure Singles Club)

9mins 47secs of class from this Leeds outfit via the now defunct Too Pure Singles Club. A solid groove that reminds me of early Pavement and has stuck in my head all year. Yet to see them play live but hope to rectify that in 2018. Check out their other single ‘Luxury Animals’ too.

3. The Orielles ‘Sugar Tastes Like Salt’ (Heavenly Recordings)

One of the most exciting, young bands that I’ve heard this year. This is the Halifax based band’s debut single for the wonderful Heavenly Recordings label. Like Mush, another long track clocking in at 8mins 28secs that just builds and builds. The guitarist (Henry Carlyle Wade) reminds me of a young Johnny Marr which is justified with the guitar break from the middle of the song onwards. Their songwriting seems to be going from strength to strength which resulted with the release of ‘Let Your Dogtooth Grow’ in November that ended up on the BBC Radio 6 Music playlist. 

2. Hookworms ‘Negative Space’ (Domino Recording Co)

This single came along so late in the day (1st Nov) but it’s just a staggering song that needs to be heard. Clocking in at 6min 57 secs this is the first track taken from the forthcoming ‘Microshift’ album due out in February by (dirty) Leeds based Hookworms. The intro sounds like a 1980’s New Order and the outro sounds like Hawkwind. Simply a magnificent record. 

1. Wand ‘Plum’ (Drag City)

Not just my choice but Edie and Ivy’s choice too. An incredible pop song that finishes with voice crossing to ensure maximum confusion with the lyrical content. I’ve never been a huge fan of Wand but their album, also entitled ‘Plum‘, has had a big effect on my music listening this year. The standout track of the year for me. 

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